Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding Ideas

I love the idea..Image by apesara via FlickrWell, yes, I know the internet is just full of things to help you find ideas, but sometimes those things are just not what you are looking for. Having finished my novella -- yay! -- I'm going to attempt another along with working on a longer novel in the hopes that they will rise up and say "Send us more of these works of unparalleled beauty!" It could happen!

Anyway, I'm looking for a new novella idea: romance, medieval, short. I think I have an idea about a celtic god and a mortal . . . princess? That just came to me.

Still, it is hard to find ideas when there are so many and then to shape them into something that will work. Of course, when you discard what could likely be a great idea just because you are worried that the idea sucks -- that causes a lot more problems.

I guess it is all part of the process. Anyone out there have there own idea finding rituals to share? I always seem to try something new with every piece I write.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have Finished!

A firework in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005Image via WikipediaYay!!!!!

I have finally complete my novella for Harlequin Historical's Undone line. It is just under 15,000 words and I am thrilled that I got through it. Even in the midst of the troubles I was having, I did manage to get some writing down when I could.

Actually, I used a technique that has helped me in the past. I tell myself that I'm only going to write one sentence. That's it, only one. Well, then another occurs to me, so I just put that one down, too. After that, the flow takes over and I find that I've written quite a bit. I usually have a hard time starting, but once I get going I can really crank out the words.

So, on to the editing phase now and I'm thinking of a full length novel in my head right now. Although I may try another novella. I'm currently wrestling with the full length story right now, trying to hammer it out.

I feel a tremendous sense of relief, though. This is the longest piece I've written in five years. I honestly thought that I couldn't do it anymore, like I lost the skill forever. It's good to know it is still there.

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