Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have Finished!

A firework in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005Image via WikipediaYay!!!!!

I have finally complete my novella for Harlequin Historical's Undone line. It is just under 15,000 words and I am thrilled that I got through it. Even in the midst of the troubles I was having, I did manage to get some writing down when I could.

Actually, I used a technique that has helped me in the past. I tell myself that I'm only going to write one sentence. That's it, only one. Well, then another occurs to me, so I just put that one down, too. After that, the flow takes over and I find that I've written quite a bit. I usually have a hard time starting, but once I get going I can really crank out the words.

So, on to the editing phase now and I'm thinking of a full length novel in my head right now. Although I may try another novella. I'm currently wrestling with the full length story right now, trying to hammer it out.

I feel a tremendous sense of relief, though. This is the longest piece I've written in five years. I honestly thought that I couldn't do it anymore, like I lost the skill forever. It's good to know it is still there.

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  1. Hurray! Whoot! *jumps up and down* You said that you could do it and indeed you did! congratulations. I hope you have given yourself a massive pat on the back. Writing a 15000 word novella is hard enough without having to do it while battling anxiety and depression that makes it almost impossible to write in the first place. I am very intrigued by this longer work. Do tell more. :)

  2. Thank you as always. You are such an inspiration -- not only to me -- but to so many others in the blogosphere. I wish I could do something to pump you up as well, but I fear all my pump is used up on me. ;)

    I have finished my first round editing of the longer work and can send it out for crits when you're ready.

    It is a romance, of course, and it is about a hero who has visions of dead people in a medieval world. Obviously, this is not a church sanctioned activity. :) It is about how the two of them deal with his oddity, how she deals with his distance, and the necessity of unconditional love.

    I think the plot is decent. I just worry that it isn't "hot and sensual" enough for the guidelines. I mean, they say subtly sensual, but what the hell does that mean?!?!

    ANYWAY! There it is. Let me know if you are game. I'm also eagerly awaiting something from you. C'mon, let's have it. :)

  3. Ooooh, it sounds really good! Send it over. I'll send you over something in return. I'm having a case of the procrastinations at the moment. I sit down at my computer and open up my file and then I freeze. It isn't that I haven't got ideas and stuff to work on, I just get sucked into this vortex and time passes without anything being done. As to subtly sensual... I'm sorry, I haven't a clue! whenever I read romance guidelines I think 'ok, that must be what they mean' and then I read a short story as an example of that particular type of story and it is nothing like my idea of what they meant! So subtly sensual could mean very subtle or very steamy!

  4. Yeah, I hear you. I just downloaded one of the ebooks and I'm actually close. I think they have a bit more scenes, but I think I have the same tone. It's just so hard to know, but I really believe in my characters and I think they have a nice arc.

    Now, you. Write one sentence. Just one. That's it. Then be okay with that. If two happen to occur, so much the better. Just write one sentence. I find lowering my expectations helps a lot because it allows me to get something done -- which is better than nothing.

    Alright, get ready for that story, then I must go to sleep for work tonight. bleh.

  5. Thanks for the story. Sleep well and good luck at work tonight. Now... one sentence. Just one. ok, one word. Just one little word. One letter even. :)