Saturday, November 22, 2008

A couple of poems . . .

Trying to capture the rhythm and feel of crashing wavse using only words.

And flow
To and fro
In and out
and in and out
Crash the waves
And plash the waves
Rising falling swaying
Pushing and pulling hoping praying
Filling emptying opening closing
Back forth and back and forth
Moving left and moving right
Rocking and rolling
Inspire and expire
In and out again
Ebbing and


Written for rememberance of the times I've been this depressed.

I'm here today
with nothing to say
And come what may
I will stay here
So that my family can be near.
They are the reason, it is clear,
To hold the hand of hurt
That my will wants to assert
Upon my self with all the blame
To the sorrow that has no name.
Pic: flickr, fernando

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