Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bad use of Language by Media

Whatever it is, Mike Tomlin oozes it. -- Dan Dierdorf

Have you ever heard a more disgust comment regarding a coach? Regarding anyone? I think he meant exude, but that isn't what he said. It's really a shame how the English language is butchered in everyday broadcasts. I've also noted an increase in the incorrect usage of matriculate. It has nothing to do with progression -- look it up. It actually applies to enrolling in a school only. Wanna bet that the meaning ends up changing.

More on football later, but anyone else out there disgusted with how English has been used in the modern vernacular?


  1. I am constantly disgusted, but then I remind myself that language changes and grows as it is used. It is only when it is dead that it remains static.:(

  2. Hi Lynda, I've been trying to log into helium so I can email you, but my pc keeps crashing - so annoying. Anyway, the first round of the submission contest is closed as both Mercedes and I have reached ten subs. However, I'm ready for round two - are you!!! Email me so we can hash out the details. :)