Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Tarot

So, what's the day going to be like? Actually, I am supposed to be asleep right now, but I work tonight, so I'm staying awake.

Random card: eight of wands
Ideas: swift action, javelins, tree of life moving in purposeful direction, getting on target
Learn tarot meanings: quick action, conclusion, news

3-minute promt: Jacob threw the javelin as far as he could. It penetrated the hay bale almost through it. A knight rode up on a horse. "SOn, your father is dead." Jacob turned to look at the larger man, his face was partially obsured by the nasal of his helmet. "What does that mean, Dominic?" The older man sighed and dismounted. He put his hand on Jacob's shoulder. "It means you are king now." At that moment eight men crested the hill. When they saw Domenic, they began to run towards them, calling out. Domenic quickly mounted his horse. Jacob picked up a javelin. The older man offered a hand up. "Come, boy, those men do not have your welfare at heart." Jacob aimed his javelin. "Then we are to run?" He loosed the rod, his arm strong, his aim sure. It hit the man in front through the chest and sent him sprawling backward. "Not run, Jacob," Domenic said as he pulled him up behind him, "Just biding our time." They set off, then, leaving the remaining seven men calling after them.

Whew, that was great! Took more like four minutes, but, whatever. Please excuse typos and grammar. I was writing for flow, not perfection. Anyone who may be reading this want to participate? I'd love to see what others write.
pic: flickr, Eric Schwartz

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