Sunday, December 7, 2008

I hate eating!

I hate eating. There, it bears repeating. Nothing tastes good to me anymore. I am about three and a half months out of gastric bypass, and I just don't like the taste of anything. If it wasn't for my stomach grumbling and aching, I probably wouldn't eat.

I used to like to get things from the pizza shop. Everything I have tried from there -- in small portions, of course -- and it all tastes like slime that sit in the stomach. Mind, I don't get sick. I only get that when I eat too fast or eat too much. That's what surgery does for you. I just don't like the taste of food. It isn't such a fun thing anymore. Nothing tastes good.

I do have some low calorie candies, but even them just make me feel bloated and icky. There is only so much tuna and salmon and chicken and tuna again that I can eat before I go completely bonkers.

The good news is that I've lost almost 100 pounds since last January and 50 pounds since surgery. My hair is falling out, though. That's not fun, but not that noticeable, either. I would do it again in a half of a heartbeat, but I just wish food tasted good again.

Pittsburgh Steelers helmetImage via WikipediaWell, maybe I don't. The more I am adverse to eating it the better able I am to maintain my loss.

I'm off to watch my beloved Steelers -- and the rest of football that is on today -- and cheer them to victory. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday out in blog land.
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  1. Oh Lynda *hugs*. I can really identify with this post. I saw an old episode of Friends the other day and Monica was justifying going out on a date with an ex of Rachel's from high school by saying 'I owe it to the fat girl in me. I never let her eat.' It rung true with me because you can be thin and healthy or you can eat. You can't have it both ways. You referred to food as a bad boy lover in another post. It is. And the thing about it is, once you have developed that relationship, you can't have a bit of it again because you want it all, even when it makes you unhappy. I often wish that I could live on a protein pill or something and never have to take food in. That way I could avoid temptation altogether.