Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three more diamantes

Well, since there was such a response to my first diamante poem, I thought I'd try a few more. These ones were more difficult because I wasn't getting the parts of speech right. BTW, I never new how similar the words forgive and forget actually are.

Warm, intense
Burning, searing, melting
Sun, heat, clouds, wind
Chilling, shivering, chattering
Bitter, crystalline

Sexual, emotional
Giving, receiving, wanting
Kiss, heart, fist, brawl
Fighting, screaming, damning
Blind, unforgivable

Repentant, supplicant
Releasing, embracing, absolving
Sin, mistake, rememberance, recollection
Dismissing, clearing, escaping
Peaceful, dismissal

Anyone else want to give it a try. They can be fun. Maybe another tutorial. I've found, though, that these are used mainly in schools to teach parts of speech, lol. However, the can be quite beautiful and profound if you really work at it.
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  1. The Forgive/Forget one is fantastic. I like the words "sin" and "dismissal" a lot. Great, active words!

  2. Wow, you are really good at poetry and these are lovely pieces. My favourite is the first one, maybe because I'm so cold at the moment the idea of heat is a distant memory. :)