Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ready, set, go -- again!

Alright Inky and all of you out there who want to be part of submission-palooza, I'm ready to roll.

I propose ten submissions of any length to be submitted to duotrope markets, helium, or associated content (I'd like to write some articles since I just made a few dollars). All pieces must be started, finished, and submitted between now and whenever anyone announces they are done with ten.

Award: bragging rights, general good natured ribbing, and a possible sale -- the best prize!

So, strap on your key boards, and let's get writing.

BTW, Inky, I was thinking that we could start counting words, too. For instance, I'm writing a novella right now for the harlequin thing. It would be inspiring to see who would be the first to 10,000 words. It would also give us the opportunity to submit longer pieces which may rake in a bit more or at least have a different chance of acceptance. Next time, maybe, if you're up to it. :)

Write on! *groan*
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  1. Yay - another submission contest!!!

    The word count idea is a good one, we can do that next round or even have a word count comp rather than submission contest?

    Anyway, good luck folks! :)

  2. I'm okay with submissions right now. It is heartening to have multiple irons in the fire and the chance for acceptance. Ego stroking is my primary motivation, as you know. ;) There is also the prospect of a few dollars and that's exciting around the holidays.

    Maybe word count next week, if everyone is open to it.

    Hey, let the others know, Inky, that the contest is on. I'm not sure who reads here regularly. :)

  3. article submitted to helium

  4. another article to helium
    just not feeling fiction right now, trying to think of something to write for a short story


  5. I've posted about the contest on my blog as well. Feeling jealous of all this article writing for helium. :)

  6. short story -- yay! -- to big pulp


  7. helium article, also posted to blog